Yoga Sessions

Yoga is an integral part of Naturalia retreat experience, to support your journey to health and self-discovery. It gives you the opportunity to move your body, become aware of your breath, create an inner strength and harmonize your body and mind.
At the traditional Maloka we practise Hata yoga, Vinyasa and Pranayama restorative Yoga, incorporating various routines, breathing exercises and meditation. The main aim is to connect to the energy inside of you to help you feel more peaceful, more joyful and blissful. 
Our yoga is appropriate for any fitness and experience levels as you just do as much as you can. You can even do it sitting on a chair if needed and even if you can’t do all the ‘exercise’ part, then because of the mix with breathing exercises and meditation, you will still benefit a lot from the sessions. There are also meditation sessions to allow you to incorporate a mindful practice, calm your mind and incorporate all you’ve learned. Most of our guests are also new to meditation, so we use guided meditations and guided visualizations to introduce you to this area as they are simple to follow and can be used easily back home.

Yoga doesn't take time, it gives time...

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