Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Our ceremonies are led by the most caring and watchful people to ensure you will have an extraordinary and safe experience.
Our native Shaman and the Facilitators will guide you through your unique journey

Yoga / Meditation

Practicing Yoga and Meditation is already an experience....
Doing it in the middle of the Amazon Jungle, surrounded by ancient trees and wild nature is a heart liberating adventure.
Here, Nature loves you, and lets you know about it

Natural Painting

Painting is one of the most ancient forms of expression...
Through it, we show parts of ourselves that are hidden even to us.
Our local painter will guide you to discover yourself through your own sketches and lines, all with natural Amazonian pigments

Organic Garden

Is there anything tastier than a sun-warmed tomato you can eat fresh from the vine while standing in the garden? Your food will come from our organic garden, where we grow not only vegetables and herbs, but also many traditional medicinal plants used by our Shaman for various treatments

Our Retreats

At Naturalia you will find the perfect conditions to offer you a truly life changing experience. During your time with us you will be surrounded by the most caring and loving people, who have years of experience working on healing processes. You have the chance to practice Yoga, Meditation, traditional Ayahuasca Ceremonies… You can participate in a special painting workshop where you will have your personalized painting interpretation… You can harvest vegetables directly from the garden, get to know the local community and embrace the wild natural beauty surrounding our little Center


Because we love to share and and we love to talk about life,
wonderful experiences,
magic moments
and everyday little things

Our little paradise

Every little corner has been thought through carefully to deliver comfort whilst enjoying the beautiful surroundings in our eco-friendly paradise

Why choosing Naturalia

Small Groups

Is wonderful to share your experience with others, but to stablish true connections we found out that small groups work better!
The groups are limited to 6 participants,

We Speak Your Language

English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portugese. You can send us an email or speak any of these languages in out little center.

Experienced Team

Our staff have been working in healing retreats for years, and knows that kindness, love and support are essential.

Eco Friendly

We protect the environment. There is no single use plastic at Naturalia. We participate in reforestation projects, wild fauna rehabilitation and our food is 100% organic.

Highly Personalized Retreat

Every person is different, and may come to the retreat with different objectives. We keep this in mind and we deliver a 100% personalized experience.

Safety and Support

Group support after the retreat for one month.
Medical Facilities: Even when the nearest medical facility is located in Iquitos City, our staff is trained in First Aid and Secondary Care to be able to respond fast in case of need.

Our signature package

Or ask for a customized retreat for closed groups