Tranquil, remote, exclusive yet readily accesible


The wild nature on site has everything for you to enjoy: no traffic, noise, no pollution and no villages around.  Even when we are far off the beaten path, we offer a convenient pick up service at the center of Iquitos City, and we will escort you all the way to the Retreat Center.

There are two ways to get to Iquitos: either by boat through the river, or by plane,since there are not roads connecting the island of Iquitos with the outside world. Plane is by far the most popular choice.

There are several direct flights per day between Iquitos and Lima (the main peruvian airport in the Capital City), operated by Latam airlines, Peruvian Airlines, Air Peru and Viva Air. We strongly recommend either Latam Airlines or Peruvian Airlines.

If you come from outside Peru, you will probably fly into Lima and there get you connection flight to Iquitos.

From North America you can have a direct flight into Lima from New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Toronto and Mexico City. Some of the airlines offering direct flights are Air Canada, American Airlines,  United, Delta, LAN and Avianca.

From Europe you can have a direct flight into Lima from Paris, Amsterdam and Madrid. Some of the airlines offering direct flights from Europe are LAN, Iberia, Air France, KLM and Air Europa.

From South America some of the airlines offering direct flights to Lima are: COPA Airlines, Avianca, American Airlines, Peruvian Airlines, Latam and Boliviana de Aviacion.

If you are already in Peru, you can come to Iquitos directly from Lima, Pucallpa or Cusco. Peruvian Airlines and Star Peru offer direct flights from Pucallpa, while Latam has direct flights from Cusco every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. 

We are more than happy to advise you with your flight booking and schedule when you book your retreat at Naturalia.

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