The People Behind Naturalia

To create a retreat in such a remote and untouched location, takes a huge and ongoing team effort. Our staff comes exclusively from the local communities or the neighboring areas. While walking through Naturalia you will find a lot of smiling and welcoming faces that will be ready to greet you or to help you even if not all of them speaks perfect english.  See below just some of the people who work hard everyday to bring you this unique and beautiful experience

Manu & Paula

Emmanuel Groult (Manu) arrived for the first time in Peru in 2010. Since then, he came back several times and he fell in love with the magic of the Amazon. He committed himself to a healing center that respects and follows indigenous and traditional ways, supporting the local communities and preserving the local forest. Manu loves people and their unique ways, and he is always ready to have a chat, share a laugh or sing a song together while playing guitar.
Paula Danti (Paula) loves nature and she strongly believes in the unique healing ways that nature has. She loves to show people the beauty of the wild forest, and to share the ancient wisdom of the jungle with everybody.


Silvia is in charge of the kitchen. She amazes everybody with her ability to come up with the most spectacular amazonian typical dishes, an .outstanding diet food and all complemented with a huge smile and contagious laugh

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