Ayahuasca Ceremonies

We are proud to have created this intimate, tranquil sanctuary in the midst of the beautiful Amzon Jungle . A unique mind and body wellbeing retreat offering the ultimate safe heaven to unwind, transform and revitalise – making you happier and healthier with life changing results.

Our holistic approach combines yoga, meditation, energy reading, Ayahuasca Ceremonies and a healthy diet. All of which beneficially influence your emotions, physical health and state of mind,. Ayahuasca has been used for centuries by the Shamans of the Amazonic region with healing, cleansing and divinatory purposes.  

We offer two Ayahuasca Ceremonies during our 7 days retreat.


Why 3 ceremonies in a week?

 Ayahuasca is a native plant in the Amazon Forest that has been used by the indigenous Shaman as a powerful cleansing and purifying medicine, which can clean mind and body from emotional blockages and has the power to introduce us to a journey of self-discovery and deep personal transformation.

It was used by the amazonian tribes for healing and looking for specific answers. It was never meant to be used as a recreational drug. The changes it causes and the answers it shows you are deep, and for deep, meaningful changes to take place, we need time to process all the information and new feelings that it creates.

Ayahuasca has a very powerful healing properties when used in the right way. For the ancient amazonian cultures, an Ayahauasca ceremony is a single event used for a special purpose. After the ceremony there is a time to assimilate and process all the information you gather during your experience. To assist you with this we have a post-ceremony group circle and another personal interview with the Shaman where you can share your feelings and  impressions.

Three ceremonies will not only show you what you need to know, but it also will allow you the time you need for this to sit and make the change long lasting.

How is the ceremony itself?

On a typical ceremony, we gather all together with the Shaman and the Facilitators. Since you have your personal interview with the Shaman on the first day, by now you know your goal for this ancient ceremony. It starts with some relaxation time. After this, Shaman will deliver the Ayahuasca to the participants and when he/she feels the energy right, will start to chant the traditional, magical songs known as Icaros. The Facilitators will not drink, to better have all their attention focused on you, rather than somewhere else.

The ceremonies are supported by an amazing team of healers (Traditional Shamans) and facilitators, who will be assisting not only with translations, but also with any thing that could be necessary. We have a exclusive small rate of 1 Shaman and 2 Facilitators per 5 guest, to ensure that you will have all the attention and care you will need.

To drink this sacred ancient plant, you need to follow a special Ayahuasca Diet. This is extremely important for the healing process to be effective. The right preparation will provide you with the setting for the best experience you can have. 

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