Amazon Rainforest

The Rainforest needs our help

This is what we do

Naturalia Retreat Center is part of Naturalia Amazonia Org., a much bigger organization with several social and environmental projects here in Iquitos. The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most biodiverse places on earth. Over 3 million species live in there, and over 2,500 tree species (or one-third of all tropical trees that exist on earth) help to create and sustain this unique ecosystem.

The problem

Unfortunately, the Amazon Rainforest is also the most threatened environment. In the 1980’s, when satellite images first revealed the rate of destruction, deforestation became a focus of worldwide concern. Conservationists called for action. More recently, the growing evidence for global warming and link with deforestation has again put the Amazon on the international agenda. Despite all the concern and effort to deter clearance for pasture and agricultural activities, the Rainforest continues to lose more forest annually than anywhere else in the world. Deforestation and degradation of tropical forests account for roughly 10 percent of global greenhouse emissions from human activities For most people in the cities where policies and laws are determined, the Amazon is nothing but a distant place, but for us is a day by day reality. Meanwhile, the forest is disappearing and we can see this all around us, when the poor people from the local community come to cut trees indiscriminately to make charcoal to survive. Our attempt to save the forest is concentrated on creating protected areas and incentives to halt unsustainable use, taking into account the beliefs and attitudes of the local people and creating programs to educate them about the Rainforest. Most of the locals are poor local farmers who need income, but lack fundamental knowledge of how to use the forest.

The action

We need to act fast. That’s why most of the income coming from the Retreat Center is dedicated to:
- The creation and management of a Private Protected Area
- The acquisition of more land, to preserve more surface
- The creation of jobs for the locals, as a source of income different than deforestation
- The design and implementation of educational programs, for locals and foreign alike
- Working alongside the local authorities and other NGOs to actively implement reforestation and rehabilitation of wild fauna
Protecting this unique and amazing environment is important for all of us. Staying at Naturalia Retreat Center you are helping to this cause. Currently we are working with SERFOR (local government agency who monitors deforestation), and local NGOs, however, the funds of the Retreat Center and the donations are what keeps this project going.

If you would lie to know more about this project, or you would like to take action, go ahead and

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