The Retreat

At Naturalia you will be looked after, listened to and supported. You will also have time to relax and find serenity.

Our retreats are highly personalized, with a maximum of 5 participants. During your unique experience you will be supported by our local, experienced Shaman, one energy reader, two facilitators and one Yoga instructor. We offer a range of activities, from jungle treks to painting workshops, bathing in natural pool, bird watching, medicinal plants gardening, working with the local kids in the community school, etc. However, all this activities are optional. The most important part of the retreat is yourself, so all activities will be tailored to your personal preference. Our friendly personalized service will ensure that you have a relaxing and enriching experience at Naturalia, no matter how you spend your time. You will find that our staff has a genuine concern that your stay with us leaves you with fond memories of Naturalia, and enjoy this incredible life experience.

In our 17 hectares of pure, untouched jungle, you will find the time to explore what makes you healthy and happy. Discover what brings you contentment and create the confidence and vitality to move forward. Combined with tranquil surroundings, healthy detox meals, transformational yoga, inspiring group workshops, ancient traditional Shamanic ceremonies, cleansing energy natural baths and time for your personal mindfulness, you’ll be calm, inspired and empowered; ready to return to daily life full of energy and enthusiasm. You’ll be supported by a loving and caring team in a truly relaxing heaven where you learn effective ways to deal with stress, how to recharge your body, clarify what’s next and leave with a new sense of happiness.

The standard duration is 7 days, but this can also be changed according to your personal choice. The food we served comes mainly from our own garden, and our cook is happy to prepare different kinds of menus, either vegetarian, vegan, omnivorous, etc. Just keep in mind in case you participate in the Ayahuasca Ceremonies, you will need to observe a special Ayahuasca Diet. For more information about Ayahuasca diet and preparation, CLICK HERE…

If you would like to know more about prices and what is included in our Retreat CLICK HERE...

For many of our guests it’s their first time on a retreat and there are always lots of questions about what to expect. Questions such as:

  • Is it okay to come on my own?
    Yes, most of our guests come alone and it’s the perfect opportunity to feel free and let go. You will also meet other people with similar interests and experiences, plus you can make lifelong friends. Our bungalows are for personal single use, but if you come with a friend or family and would like to share your bungalow, it is enough space to accommodate 2 people.
  • What type of people will be on the retreat?
    All types of backgrounds join us. From busy professionals through to full-time mothers, from students through to retirees and from all nationalities. Age is not important as the one thing in common is the shared goal of wanting to transform, evolve and move forward.
  •  Will I be made to share personal issues during coaching sessions?
    No, you won’t. Although the workshops are in a group setting, they are not group therapy sessions. You will go through a private session with our Shaman and Facilitator in relation to your personal situation where you can share private issues if you feel like it. You are not made to share anything you don’t wish to, although you are welcome to contribute if you so choose. Anything you do share is in the strictest confidence so you can relax and let go knowing you are in a safe, discreet environment.
  • Will I be okay with the food?
    Yes, you will be. Actually you’ll be amazed at how tasty and nourishing the meals are. You’ll be surprised at how full you’ll feel and that you won’t be hungry.
  •  I’ve never done yoga or meditation before, will I manage?
    Don’t worry, our yoga and meditation is suitable for all experience and fitness levels. You can even do it sitting on a chair if needed. As many of our guests are new to meditation we use guided visualizations to help you. These are simple to follow and can be easily used when you’re back home.
  • I’m travelling by plane, how will I get to Naturalia?
    We will meet you at the center of Iquitos in the morning and we will take you to the Retreat.  We’ll also drop you back on departure.
  • What I need to bring with me?
    Welcome to the Amazonian jungle! The climate is usually hot and humid, although the nights could be wonderfully cool. During the day, you will enjoy to wear comfortable light clothes like shirt, shorts, tank tops and so on. Here’s the minimum that we recommend you bring:

              3 t-shirts

              1 long sleeve t-shirt or shirt

              2 pairs of shorts

              1 pair of long pants

              1 sweater

              Swim wear

              Beach towel(s)

              Rain poncho or jacket


              Water bottle (can be refilled at Naturalia)

              Flashlight with batteries (very important)

              Mosquito repellent gel (avoid spray as it tends to get everywhere but on our bodies)

              Sunscreen, antiseptic cream (Please choose an eco friendly product)



              Boots (or footwear you don’t mind getting muddy)


    NOTE: Rubber boots are sold at very low prices (about 6 USD) in Iquitos. You may want to save yourself the hassle of bringing them with you. However, it is almost impossible to find boots bigger than size 11 (43) in Iquitos.


    It also is a good idea to bring some books if you like to read, and a writing journal and/or drawing pad. Many of our guests like to write down about their feelings, visions, experiences… It is actually a very good way to help in the process.

  •  Insurance:

    We know many people don’t think about the need for insurance when traveling, but the unexpected can always happen and if you need to cancel your visit to us you could lose your deposit or even the full cost of the retreat.

    We therefore strongly advise all our guests to arrange Personal Accident and Travel/Cancellation Insurance when booking onto one of our retreats.

At Naturalia we speak Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Italian fluently, and we are happy to hear your requests, questions or just listen to whatever you have to tell us.

We will be happy to hear from you if you have any questions, or to assist you to book your flights, or to give any other information you may need.

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