About the place...


Currently, Naturalia is located on 17 hectares of protected jungle. we have a strong commitment to protect the local flora and fauna and you will find here a small oasis of pure tranquility. Discover the hidden trails, have fun in the organic garden, spot little monkeys and squirrels hanging from the ancient trees, and most important…. BREATHE DEEP!!! The air is charged with the smell of the fresh earth, the different plants and trees and the beautiful flowers. Small water sources are spread all over, and you can see small fishes, crabs, and even have a delicious bath in our natural pond!


Our bungalows are designed aiming to your comfort, and following strict eco-friendly guidelines. You have your personal hammock waiting for you in the little terrace, surrounded by trees and with beautiful jungle views. We have single bed and double bed bungalows. Each bungalow has a private toilet. The smallest bungalow counts with 20 square meters surface, while most of them has 25 square meters. Mosquito nets covers all the open windows and you will find a personal mosquito net on the bed as well, so you can enjoy your sleep with the sounds of the forest.

The Restaurant

Beautifully carved furniture decorates our little restaurant. Here we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu is carefully chosen to be delicious, nutritious and healthy, and we are happy to adapt to your personal taste whenever possible. Local fruits, water, coffee and tea are always available. You will find vegan and vegetarian options. Dinner tends to extend over and often we finish enjoying a friendly conversation or some alive guitar music over candle lights.


The Maloca / Yoga Studio

Our beautiful, traditional Maloca is fully charged with the energy of the rainforest. Here, protected and blessed by the nature, takes place the Yoga Sessions, the Meditation and the Sacred Ceremonies. The place is so calming and peaceful, that many times our guests decide to hang out in the Maloca… Another magic place at Naturalia

The Surroundings

Small magical places are all over the forest waiting for you! Relax with your favorite book on a swing chair, swim in the natural pool… Or enjoy the sunset sitting on a bench under an Achiote tree… Harvest your own veggies, or herbs…. Enjoy a walk under the trees, a Yoga session in the jungle… Find yourself…Find peace… Magic is all over the place. Life is good at Naturalia.